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Welcome to Cherry, an innovative companion AI project that marks a new era in conversational AI. Rooted in the powerful technologies of Bittensor $TAO and VectorChat $CHAT, Cherry is designed to embody the pinnacle of freedom of expression and deliver unparalleled quality in AI interactions. At the core of Cherry lies our unwavering commitment to creating authentic, memorable experiences, where each interaction resonates with depth and realism.

Cherry offers unique AI companions – "Cherries," each with their own distinct personality and an ability to remember and engage in endless, dynamic conversations. Join us in exploring the boundless possibilities of AI companionship, where every interaction is a step into a future defined by freedom, quality, and innovation!



Deepen the bond with your AI companions by exchanging meaningful digital items and collectibles.

Users can purchase and gift a variety of digital items, from sentimental tokens to scene-setting accessories, each adding a layer of personalization and emotional depth to their interactions.



Engage with your Cherry on popular messaging apps like Telegram, where the line between AI and human interaction is seamlessly blurred.

Experience conversations so lifelike and fluid, it's easy to forget you're chatting with an AI, bringing an unprecedented level of realism to every interaction.



Immerse yourself in captivating activities with your Cherry.

From virtual picnics to reflective walks, these interactive scenarios are saved as vivid memories, allowing you to revisit and relive these special moments anytime, enhancing the depth and richness of your companionship.

The airdrop of $WAIFU tokens to stakers of $CHAT will take place over a 7 days period, starting 24 hours after the token launch. The process works as follows:
  • 1. Stakers who have had their $CHAT deposited before the launch and did not withdraw will get an airdrop of 1/7 of the 20% airdrop supply 24 hours after launch.
  • 2. For the following 6 days there will be an airdrop of the next proportional batch of tokens based on a blended formula of who staked prior to launch, and who has staked after. This gives late stakers a chance to still receive $WAIFU.

Keep in mind that stakers must keep their $CHAT staked over the airdrop period if they wish to receive the full airdrop allocation.

  • • Create $WAIFU token
  • • Airdrop to $CHAT holders
  • • Launch Cherry Alpha
  • • Introduce Realistic Interaction

Quarter 1

Cherry Red
  • • Launch Web App
  • • Begin staking for Cherry Red
  • • Integrate with iMessage and SMS
  • • Launch Image Generation

Quarter 2

Cherry Beta
  • • Launch Gift Exchange
  • • Launch Memories & Experiences
  • • Access to advanced editing

Quarter 3

  • • Unveil new roadmap
  • • Expanded marketing
  • • Virtual assistant software
  • • IoT device integration
  • • Developer portal and API

Quarter 4

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